Operation Social Flood 2020

Social Media outlets are right now testifying in Congress about how Russia influenced the 2016 Presidential Election by purchasing “Pro-Trump” ad space on their networks. What they’ve proposed, and began implementing, is a strategy of […]

JFK Data Release 2017

More data on the JFK assassination was released yesterday. Lots of data. There was some held back “for national security reasons”, however, this one little tidbit caught my eye: “…During Operation Mongoose in 1960, the […]

Goodbye to my best friend….

Thadius Dirk Holstein Nov 1 2000 – Aug 16 2017 I miss you more today than I did yesterday. I’ll miss you more tomorrow than I did today. You understood things so much better than […]

News and Ad Revenue

Let’s consider something for a moment. Hypothetically speaking, if ALL news outlets, every single one, TV, Radio, Printed, each and every one of them, dropped their online presence all at once, their ad revenue problem […]

The Turks

In 1922, Former Ottoman Empire Opposition leader Alwazi Pe’a, became Consular General to the newly formed Turkish government. Pe’a developed much of the vernacular for the written content of the newly formed government. In fact, […]