1100 Coal Miners Lose Jobs: Obama isn’t to blame.

HighVoltageContinuousMinerAlpha Natural Resources (NYSE: ANR) recently announced the forthcoming lay-offs of 1100 mining related employees at 11 different mining operations. Southern West Virginia, as I’ve been saying for years, is doomed. We won’t amount to much more than a mere fraction of our former glory days. Our population will shrink, the tax base will shrink, the local investment by business will shrink. We will become a ghost town. As much as we want to put the blame on the Obama administration, we cannot do so and be honest with ourselves. You know me, you know I am 100% anti-Obama, but the bottom line is, Obama told us he would do this, he told us on several occasions, before being re-elected for the second term. The only people we can blame are those that voted for Obama. Each and every person that allowed Obama to be re-elected is individually responsible for the 1100 employees being laid off.

For all of the people across the country that voted for B. Hussein Obama, you are to blame for another 1100 jobs lost. You are to blame for 1100 more families affected by the worst economy since before World War II. You are to blame for people losing their homes, their cars, their health care — for children going without the parent-provided necessities. You’re to blame for the jobs lost in support industries such as conveyor belt manufacturers, diesel engine repair technicians, heavy equipment repair companies, contract laborers, and the list goes on and on.

Politicians like Natalie Tennant, Joe Manchin, Jay Rockefeller, Nick Rahall are but a few that jumped on the Obama band wagon. We won’t forget. These politicians will attempt to further separate themselves from the coal hating policies of Obama, but the Internet NEVER FORGETS.

And I won’t forget. I won’t forget the politicians that sided with Obama on a number of issues or at the very least, stood complacent in their ¬†actions. You will no longer “ride the fence” with people like myself.

Did you vote for Obama? Are you offended by what I am saying? Maybe you don’t like that idea?

I don’t give a damn. You evidently don’t mind taking more money from me via increased taxes in order to fund socialist programs where we take from those that have and give to those that won’t work for anything.

Those that voted for Obama are the worst kind of scum of the Earth. You’re enablers for failing socialist policies. You didn’t thoroughly research the candidate before you voted or you are compassionate toward socialism, either way, you’re scum and I don’t like you.

You say you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar? Yeah, I don’t want to catch flies, I want the flies to know what dirty, low-down filthy pieces of excrement they are, right before they starve to death.

I won’t forget voters that supported Obama, those that defended his policies on the one hand, while attempting to show compassion for those around them that were losing their jobs. You people that ride the fence are more pathetic than the extreme left and right in this country.

There’s no justification in this world for allowing socialism to continue. It is a failure from the onset. There’s never been a successful socialist government in history. It’s all based on the concept of taking from those who work and giving to those who won’t (note: I did not say “can’t”. There’s a major difference between “Won’t” and “Can’t”). If you don’t know why this is and you’re still voting, you’re part of the problem. It is not my obligation to explain to you why you are wrong. It is however, a duty as a citizen of these United States to point out to you that you’re an idiot for circumventing the constitution and for making the founding fathers roll over in their graves.

Anyone that takes a politician’s words at face-value without doing research outside of the influence of major main stream news media is an idiot. You will NEVER get the whole truth from main stream news outlets, NEVER!

While the rest of the developing world shun environmental policies that cap carbon emissions, those hell bent on destroying America’s greatness in the likes of George Soros, Bill Ayers, Cloward, Piven, and their minions such as Obama, the Clintons, Kerry and the scum they represent, do their best to rip apart the fabric of America.

I don’t want to be associated with anyone that votes for liberals or socialists, nor do I want to associate with those that only vote for right-wing bible banging conservatives. You’re all equally worthless to me.

Liberty. Freedom. The PURSUIT of happiness. That’s what this nation was founded upon.

You are not guaranteed happiness, but you have a right to pursue happiness. Liberty is only gained when the oppressors are kept in check by the people and then, and only then, can you be guaranteed the Freedoms sought by the founders.

Those that are capable but won’t work need to get their fat, lazy asses off of Welfare programs, get out and get a job, yes, even if it’s for minimum wage. Mow grass in the evenings, grow a garden, learn to can food, hunt for meat, fish in the summer. Make their lazy kids get out of the house and off of the game console and teach them a little responsibility by mowing the neighbor’s grass or washing cars to help make ends meet. Stop snorting pills, making meth or trying to screw over someone in a business deal. Be honest, work for a living, don’t go to the doctor because you’ve sprained you pinky finger. Get out and volunteer in your community. That’s right, sometimes working for free is what’s expected. In other words, suck it up, buttercup!