America’s War on Drugs is a Sham

As painful as it may be for folks to come to terms with this idea, it’s never-the-less truthful. Truth is sometimes painful. It is also a dish seldom served without the aftereffects of indigestion. Folks want to believe that all of the money we have sank into this so-called “War on Drugs” have done some good.

It really depends on how you look at it as to whether the War on Drugs has done anything remarkable what-so-ever. A “war” is a process by which one side or the other wins and wins decisively. This “war” has been going on for over 30 years and we are no where near “winning”. We may have a stalemate, which in some respects is as close to winning as we can ever hope to achieve and in the science of gaming, actually prevents a loss. However, this is real-life we’re dealing with, not a statistical game where the losers go home and still drink lemonade with the family and have a nice cookout on Saturdays.

We have at the very least, attenuated the drug problem within the United States, but as you will see in the John Stossel video below, we have created other problems that are directly related to why we will never win the war. We are throwing money at the problem and the problem is creating vast amounts of wealth on both sides of the situation. Whether you’re a drug lord or a police department, both sides benefit from this ongoing war. The losers are the people on the streets, the mules carrying the drugs across borders and the tax payers footing part of the bill.