As requested by the Commander in Chief

Second-amendment-badge-courtesy-agentgearusa.com_On December 21, 2012, I was notified that the President of the United States has asked the people of the United States to lobby Congress in regards to guns. Since this of course makes perfect sense to me and is well within the scope of what I regard as the duty of the President and the duty of a citizen, I will of course do my duty as an American citizen and listen to the President and do what he asks.

Dear Members of Congress,

As a patriotic American, previously sworn to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America as an enlisted person in the United States Navy, I hereby submit to you the following:

On July 4th, 1776, a group of Patriots gathered together in Philadelphia Pennsylvania to sign the Declaration of Independence. These Patriots, without regard to their personal safety, signed a document they knew would make them outlaws in the eyes of the Crown of England. By doing so, they themselves became traitors to their country, yet, they became Patriots to what would become the United States of America. Over the course of the next several years, these men played the most pivotal role in American History. By their Declaration, America was founded on the principles of Liberty, Freedom and the sanctity of the individual. Without their guile and determination, the “rogue” colonies of England would still be bowing to the Crown and paying taxes to a King in a far away land.

During the birth of a nation, we conscientiously developed a Constitution that ascribed to the premise that All Men are Created Equal, whereby the Government holds nothing above the heads of mankind and We the People are the masters of our own destiny.

Within these last 237 years, by way of Government meddling and a tremendous amount of big-business intervention, we have bastardized this country into a mere reflection of the original structure. We have allowed people to ascend to levels of power unheard of in the 18th Century.

The original intent of the Constitution and the amendments thereof were to protect the citizens from the tyrannical pursuits of Government. There’s absolutely no way to deny this FACT. The War of Independence is PROOF enough in and of itself. Our forefathers enabled the People the power to regulate themselves through the individual vote.

You, the Members of Congress, have taken every advantage you could have possibly used and mutated our Founding Fathers’ original intent into a giant beast, unwilling to serve the People as the People demand. After you’re elected, time and time again, you choose to go your own way, regardless what be the “Will of the People”. In general, there have been very few rare cases of Congress actually sticking up for “The People”, unless of course, votes are to be gained in the process.

We have come to a point in our Country where we now see that a majority of the voting populace have realized they can vote themselves more money. It was only a matter of time, Benjamin Franklin knew this to be true and stated very succinctly: “…When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.”

We are currently seeing outside influences attempt to take control of various portions of our Country. The United Nations attempting to oversee our elections. The United Nations, attempting small arms control. China has called for the American Public to be disarmed.

Now is the time, perhaps the tipping point, for America’s future. If subscribe to these outside influences in any way, we are doomed.

No entity outside the borders of these United States nor inside the borders of these United States should have ANY POWER WHATSOEVER to change or influence the basic principals contained in the Bills of Rights to the United States Constitution. Furthermore, I personally feel that due to the original intent of the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution, whereby the People are granted the RIGHT to arm themselves to protect this Nation from the tyrannical pursuits of Government, that WE THE PEOPLE should be free to arm ourselves in ANY MANNER that directly reflects the armament of a potential adversary, such as a tyrannical Government. Therefore, not only do I stand against any type of newly formed gun ban, I respectfully request the abolition of any rule, policy, law or regulation, the abolition of any department, division or bureau that would hinder the People from being able to protect themselves from the possibility of Government tyranny.

Respectfully Submitted By:

John Holstein