Brain Washing the Students of America: Part I – Affirmative Action

BRAINWASHING“…if you can get students persuaded of a couple of basic ideas of reality, you can go a long way in succeeding in a social engineering project.” — Professor David Clemens

While this isn’t anything new, I felt compelled to write a blog entry in regards to the widespread misuse of Affirmative Action laws, rules, regulations, etc. on college campuses across this country. You don’t hear much about this issue and if you did, unless you or your relations are in college, you probably have paid no attention to these issues.

I know that many of you have short attention spans and once a serious issue is presented, we have about 5 minutes or less to get the point across or we’ll lose you as an audience. That being said, let this grab your attention as quickly as I possibly can:

All people should be treated equally. Affirmative Action Policies and Laws are as racist or more racist than the actions they’re trying to fix.

When one race is isolated or highlighted for any reason, good or bad, it is racist. Period.

If you’re providing additional benefits or any type of positive acknowledgement to one or more races above any other race or races, you’re being racist.

Example: Affirmative Action will allow certain reserved slots for college student enrollment for folks of African descent.

The example above is racist toward those of African descent because it singles out their race and provides for separate, whether equally or above average treatment, of individuals based on their race. Even though treatment may be considered “above average” or “equal”, by singling out an individual based on their background/race/descent, this is in fact, extremely racist. Perhaps this racism is to the advantage of the targeted demographic, but it is non-the-less, racist..

The only way to treat people from all walks of life equally is to allow each individual to be qualified for any position, student, employee or otherwise, based on their own individual merits and/or achievements.

Here’s links to Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the “Indoctrinate U” series on YouTube:


Pay particular attention to Part 3 above, this illustrates a perfect example of how Affirmative Action and the campus “race police” overstep their boundaries and were judged to be in the wrong and made to pay the attorney’s fees and court costs. If I am not mistaken, the University was ordered to issue an apology, to which, that has yet to happen.

In Part 4 above, the University of Tennessee issued a statement saying that a student’s comment “Shoot that rag-head right in the f_cking face” wasn’t taken out of context and wasn’t a racist comment, when speaking about another student in an email list. The other student was in fact a Conservative Sihk follower of white European descent.

Below, the Vice President of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education lists the worst colleges and universities in the country for free speech:

Over and over again, the same pattern is emerging in campuses all across the United States and it’s not just being led by people of diverse ethnicity. In fact, more and more “affirmative action” type disputes are being led by those of white, western European descent. In many cases, when confronted by conservative people of color, the liberals proposing multi-culturalism are dismissing the ethnicity of those opposing them and directly attacking these individuals, not based on the color of their skin, but based on their political affiliations which are of course, contrary to their communist/socialist and liberal agendas.

The pattern is very easy to see and the methodology is directly in tune with “The Manual to Debating a Liberal, from a former Liberal”.com10hy3
To hypothesize a bit, let’s consider how Affirmative Action works.

First, it allows minorities the opportunity, in some cases with less than desirable grades, to attend colleges and universities that would otherwise not have the opportunity. For instance, Yale has so many slots available for people of minorities. By allowing students of less than desirable grades to attend, one could assume these students could potentially be more easily manipulated for the furthering of a particular agenda. By selecting these individuals, based on certain qualifications, perhaps lower grade point averages, social skills, backgrounds, behavior, etc., all of which can be easily analyzed and documented, the administration may select those that can be manipulated more easily than someone of above average intelligence with very outgoing and personable characteristics. Perhaps even further, individuals are actually selected because they’ve already actively engaged in some type of affiliated affirmative action type protests or clubs related to multiculturalism and/or left wing extremist activities or views. By setting the stage with these individuals, you’re already selecting from a very acute pool of potentials for liberal activism, which in turn, makes it all the more easy to indoctrinate these folks into an even more active protest-type environment. By selectively adjusting the rosters with more and more individuals opposed to conservative thought, you have dramatically changed the demographics for a particular campus, once again, furthering the liberal/socialist agenda at the collegiate level.

Now, let’s assume, BECAUSE OF AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, the above takes place, even if you don’t believe it happens, consider for a moment that it does happen. Many well educated minority students with ABOVE AVERAGE grades, may not attempt to apply for affirmative action positions at these Universities and/or the faculty won’t pick these students or students of lower grade point averages because their resume includes “conservative ideals”. By doing this, the college has successfully completed their responsibility to fill affirmative action slots with people of “like minds” or those considered prime for indoctrination.

The main point of the above two paragraphs: Pick students that are of socialist/liberal mindsets before picking conservative students, in the hopes of furthering the liberal/socialist ideals AND at the same time, completing the affirmative action mandate. This is turn, provides a breeding ground for exponentially increasing these ideals.

Plausible? Entirely.

We have witnessed several examples in the videos above of minority students, faculty, authors, etc. with conservative views being outcasts on campus, all in the name of diversity and affirmative action. The color(s) of their skin seems to have little to do with their treatment, the treatment of these folks seems to be rooted in their political ideals, ideals not matched by the administration of the organizations.


“Let us dare to read, think, speak and write.” — John Adams

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