JFK Data Release 2017

More data on the JFK assassination was released yesterday. Lots of data. There was some held back “for national security reasons”, however, this one little tidbit caught my eye: “…During Operation Mongoose in 1960, the […]


Are you pissed off? Do you want the world to know that #blacklivesmatter? Well, let me first explain something, #alllivesmatter – a life, is a life, is a life. No one race is better than […]

Brain Washing the Students of America: Part I – Affirmative Action

“…if you can get students persuaded of a couple of basic ideas of reality, you can go a long way in succeeding in a social engineering project.” — Professor David Clemens While this isn’t anything […]

Stage 2

With the advent of the World Wide Web and the beginning of it’s widespread use in the early 1990′s, it became evident to those of us “in the business” that privacy was soon to be […]