When the revenue is gone…

There’s around 11 states in the Union that are experiencing similar problems right now. The price of fossil fuels is plummeting. These states have relied on the income generated from severance taxes to fund their […]

America’s War on Drugs is a Sham

As painful as it may be for folks to come to terms with this idea, it’s never-the-less truthful. Truth is sometimes painful. It is also a dish seldom served without the aftereffects of indigestion. Folks […]

Filing Day….

Yep. Today is IRS day. The day when those bastards get a little more out of me that I want to give. We always have to pay because I refuse to give the sons of […]

I am the 50.5%

We have created an entitlement society. When you can vote yourself a raise or something free, what do you think will happen? The tax payers, like myself, are sick and tired of free loaders, those […]