What Luxury Would You Hate To Lose?

What is the single luxury, out of all luxuries that you have, that you would hate to lose in the event of a major catastrophe that would end the world as we know it? Let’s […]

When the revenue is gone…

There’s around 11 states in the Union that are experiencing similar problems right now. The price of fossil fuels is plummeting. These states have relied on the income generated from severance taxes to fund their […]

Blankenship Verdict

The Don Blankenship trial wasn’t about the miners that lost their lives. I know this trial weighs heavily on a lot of people and I know this post isn’t going to be popular with the […]

The “Radical” Muslim Problem

Over the years, through my experiences, especially in the military, I was taught a valuable lesson. It’s rather simple: If one person out of your group or for that matter, several people out of your […]