Code Red Pull Stations

emergencyHere in West Virginia, perhaps across the nation, we have what’s called a “Code Red” in our school systems…. If in the event a “Code Red” is issued, the teachers secure their classrooms by locking the doors and the kids/teachers get away from direct sight of the door/door window and shelter in place (a supposed threat such as a shooter in the school) until the secret code word for “all clear” is given.

 Consider this….

Relating to how much we spend on fire safety in schools…. Why is it that we don’t have pull stations so anyone can issue a “Code Red” the same way we have pull stations for fire alarms? Duh? Do you think kids are not capable of seeing someone with a gun and issuing an alert? You place the pull stations low enough so if they see fire, they can pull the switch, why is it inconceivable that they couldn’t do it in case of a security threat?

Pull the “Code Red” in the event of a shooter, etc. and a totally different audible and visual alert goes off in the entire school….. 

This to me is a no-brainer.