Down to the wire….

2012Now that the primaries are all but over (it would take a miracle for things to change), we have been given two selections for the upcoming Presidential Election. Mitt Romney and Barrack Hussein Obama. Neither of these choices are ideal, one more so than the other. However, I would like to expand on that a little.

I don’t want to minimize the disdain I have for Obama. He’s the most worthless President in our Nations’ history. That being said, I am no fan of Romney either.

I am a realist. We do not have a third-party strong enough to win. Period. The problem is, I would rather see a staunch Constitutional Conservative in office, rather than play the hand we’re being dealt. The thing is, this election is too important to throw out the window. If there was a viable candidate come November on a third-party ticket, such as Herman Cain (less the womanizing), the chances of a the third party candidate getting elected are nearly zero.

I cannot be a part of allowing Obama to get back into office. He MUST BE DEFEATED, even at the cost of putting a vanilla moderate, such as Romney, into office.

Romney doesn’t present himself to have the same ideals that I believe in. In fact, he wavers back and forth on a variety of issues that are important to this country. In my opinion, he shares many foundation beliefs that will turn the tide of failed Obama politics and get this country strengthened, but he doesn’t have the character of a Ronald Reagan to counter the atrocities performed against this country, similar to the way Reagan led this country back from our second worst failure, Jimmy Carter.

By far, Obama is the worst President of all time. At every avenue, he has failed dramatically. He has attempted to take credit for several achievements that he had absolutely nothing to do with, other than saying “ok”. He didn’t plan the capture of Osama Bin Laden, but he’s attempting to take credit for it (but we know otherwise). He’s attempting to take credit for a vast health care reform initiative, that’s already doomed to failure and already being projected to consume 200% of the anticipated costs originally considered during actuarial studies. This fiscal note is expected to jump as high as 500% by the time the full mandate goes into effect – which in itself is unconstitutional, that we’ll be made aware of by the SCOTUS very soon.

Obama, along with the kids and FLOTUS Michele have taken more vacations in less time than any first family in history. Did you know that flying Air Force One consumes $181,000 PER HOUR? Well, it does.

As for Romney, he’ll do some things that are on par with Obama. He will be able to get passed several key agenda items that will strengthen the American economy, but he won’t be able to pull off a Reagan. I’ve said from day one, Romney is the ONLY candidate out of all of them, democrat and republican alike, that actually looks Presidential.

Years ago, I read a story related to the “look” of past Presidents. Whether their height, their hair, their facial features or their weight, there’s a certain “style” that makes each President, look Presidential. Up until Obama and Michele. Neither of which presents themselves in the same contrast as former Presidents and first ladies. That being said, one could assume I am being racist. Far from it. I am speaking about their individual styles. Michele tends to wear pants. Most first ladies up until Michele, spent most of their time before the camera, in a dress or skirt. Most Presidents, up until Obama, when engaged in discussion within the walls of the Oval Office, did so in the constraints of a business suit. What higher office in the country would one engage in business, other than the Oval Office? Obama has had his picture taken dozens, if not hundreds of times with his feet on the White House Furniture. Who the hell does he think he is to do that? It’s not his, it’s ours! There’s been other Presidents caught with their feet on the office furniture, sure, but as many times as Obama, especially in such a short period of time in office? What’s up with no suit jacket, rolled up sleeves and loose ties/collars? He’s the President, for God’s sake, act like it!

At any rate, I’ll be voting for Romney, not because “he’s the man”, simply because “he’s the only real choice we have” to bring this country back to something resembling what it once was.


“…All men having power ought to be distrusted to a certain degree.” — James Madison