Home Grown Food

veggies-1Did you know that there was legislation introduced to Congress during the last session that made it illegal to not only sell food from your garden, but to also give that food away to family, friends and neighbors?
Of course it was masked under the auspices of “safety”, yet another misuse of that word and a misuse of the phrase “for your own protection”.
Americans are no where near as ignorant as the elitists perceive us to be. Granted, most folks are not silvery tongued politicians with a flair for verbal articulation. However, most of the folks I am associated with know exactly how this is another effort by our government, through the sub-standard intelligence that encompasses many of those elected to Congress and the majority of Federal Bureaucrats with I.Q.s near imbecilic proportions to control yet another aspect of our lives.
Let me expand on that a little…
If the .gov makes it illegal to distribute food to your neighbors, this in effect gives 100% total control of all aspects of your lives to the government. If they control the food, they can then rule when, what, where and how you consume the product; how the product is delivered and when you are to be allotted your ration for the month.
If Queen Michele believes you’re too fat (not to mention her enormously disproportionate ass), they’ll simply cut you off.
It’s not good enough that a huge percentage of Americans are already living off of your tax dollars thru WELFARE, if they can control what those of us that actually work for a living eat, there’s a sure fire way of gaining major control of the populace. And before any of you bleeding heart liberals start spouting off about how the Welfare helps soooo many people, you need to get your facts straight and stop drinking the socialist/liberal kool-aid. Sure, there’s lots of justified uses for the Welfare program, there’s also scam after scam taking place where our tax dollars are being used to fund generation after generation of FAMILIES of Welfare dependent individuals. And let’s be honest, the Welfare program is administered by those same federal bureaucrats with sub standard I.Q.s.