just sayin’

Stiflers-Mom-Jennifer-CoolidgeStiffler’s Mom (American Pie, released in 1999, Stiffler was a senior in High School), at the time of filming American Pie, was 38 years old…. she was born in 1961. In 1981, she was 20. What does this mean?

Stiffler’s mom could have been Jesse’s Girl (released in 1981), her phone number could have been 867-5309 (released Nov. 1981), became pregnant with Stiffler the same year, then in 3 or 4 years, became pregnant again with… and you might have guessed it, a daughter named Stacy (“Stacy’s Mom” was released in 2003 depicting kids around 13/14 years old.)

Stiffler’s mom could have been Jesse’s Girl with a phone number of 867-5309 and could have been Stacy’s Mom!

That means, either some dude named Jesse or Rick Springfield is Stiffler’s dad and possibly Stacy’s as well!