Laying the wreath…..

11174438_10204213535280297_3787404287206919960_oMay 3, 2015, I was honored as being one of four West Virginia Odd Fellows tasked with accompanying a wreath to the Tomb of the Unknown Solider. Traveling with my family and brothers from Boone Lodge #170 in Madison WV, we toured Washington D.C. on Friday and Saturday, with the Wreath Laying Ceremony for Odd Fellows following on Sunday.

After being accepted as a brother into the Odd Fellow Fraternity back in 2007, I worked my way through the Chairs of the Odd Fellows and the Encampment branch of the Order. Eventually, I was elected as the Grand Patriarch of the Grand Encampment of West Virginia and bestowed the honor of escorting the Wreath to the Tomb.

Being one of the Wreath attendants was one of the most honorable and humbling moments of my life. I cannot express the gratitude I have for my Brothers and Patriarchs allowing me that opportunity. I shall be forever grateful.