more on the divisiveness in America…

Battle_strike_1934In regards to this post from March 3 2011 and this post from March 8 2011, I decided to take a look at my train of thought for these posts and see, after 4 years, if anything I said was still an issue today.

What I truly believe is that the Constitution of the United States was and is, almost a 100% perfect document, with only one slight modification that I think should have been used and that is, anywhere the word “man” is used, should have read “human”, which would have from the onset of the revolution itself, particularly after the Constitution was written, given equality to all and done away with many issues between “free men”, “women”, and those of other races. Humans are in fact, humans. Of course there would have been a variety of interpretations from every inbred and illiterate person of the day, but otherwise, when intelligence held true, the fact would be, there would not have been a “women’s suffrage” movement, because in that document, all humans would have been acknowledged as being equal.

What might you ask is the above paragraph in reference to my March of 2011 posts?

I do not believe that this country, as it was founded, should have changed or “progressed” in it’s political ideology because the basis by which the Constitution was written (with the above caveat) was perfect. Therein lies one element that could have been “progressed”, otherwise, if left alone, as the founders intended, coupled with States’ rights, all-the-while leaving out anything third-party to the document and make up of the country as a whole, (corporations, gold standard, federal reserve, etc. etc.), this country would have remained perfect, if not for the greed of mankind.

Greed is the straw that will break this camel’s back and is the primary element in what is dividing this country. It’s not progress, it’s not conservatives vs. liberals, it’s not simply the bankers, the insurance companies, the Federal Reserve or Wall Street. Greed itself has dipped into the very fabric of society and has a  stranglehold on what could be good people, doing good things and living by a code, living by the Constitution and not cow-towing to the outside factors, such as unions, corporations, banks, etc.

I know good people that have, at face value, good Constitutional Conservative beliefs that support our Constitution, understand the economy, protect the people, etc. etc. right up until, some little piece of legislation would take a dime off of their wages. These good people that I know of will immediately stop being the flag bearer for conservative beliefs and immediately go into defensive mode, making sure that their wages aren’t effected. This is normal human behavior, but does “normal” equate to moral? Absolutely not, otherwise, the metaphorical “two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner” would never have been thought of. Normality leads to democracy and WE ARE NOT a democracy. We are a Constitutional Republic. A true democracy is doomed for failure from the onset. Just because a majority of people vote to hang one person, regardless if that person is guilty of a capitol crime or not, doesn’t make the vote morally nor ethically sound. Mob mentalities should not be used to govern a people. And that dear readers, is exactly what pure democracy is, mob mentalities.

I deeply believe the divisiveness is getting worse and there’s no returning to amiable solutions to complex problems. The left have shouted at us for so long, when the right shout back, the left becomes offended. When the right realize(s), (ed), their best defense is a good offense, the left succumb to the onset of the fetal position, sucking on their thumbs and claiming “…you’re not nice!” Of course they’re not nice, they’ve been backed into a corner for so long, they’re out there swinging with everything they have in order to survive because FACT trumps opinion and that is a FACT. Opinion can never trump facts. They may win an argument because the left is somewhat louder, but eventually, their opinions will be drowned out by failed policies built upon the sandy soil of emotion and opinion.

I tend to piss off a lot of liberals and socialist sympathizers. Good. I hope they all shy away from me. I hope they all unfriend/block/unfollow me on social media. I hope they all walk out of the room when I enter. I hope they hate me with everything in their being, because I am fighting for what made this country great. My foundation is with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I don’t side with someone simply because I see profit in it. I don’t follow the easy path of the sheep, simply because it’s easy. I stand up for what is right, not because it’s what I believe, but because it’s what makes up the cornerstone of this country.

When it comes to politics these days, lots of folks want to use “but, that’s just your opinion.” to fog up a discussion. In many cases, primarily when dealing with leftists, presenting them with cold hard facts doesn’t matter. They don’t care about the facts, they only care about the things that “feel good”. Folks, you cannot debate with people such as this. There’s nothing you can do to persuade them that what they’re contemplating is wrong on so many levels. Historical evidence doesn’t matter. Failed politics of the past has no bearing on them what-so-ever with what’s currently happening. They’re no more in touch with history than a child is with quantum physics. The left is the left and it will remain there, the same way the religious right is the religious right and there’s no countering that either. Both are wrong. So are the authoritarians of the world. Dead wrong.

In much the same way, when one political party is ousted for another, there’s little that changes behind the veil. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The minority party will tout about the power-mad majority, up until the minority is no longer the minority, then their party is the party that is the correct party and the party that should be in power; regardless if you’re being drug by the cowboy with a horse or by carriage, you’re still being drug.

No, I don’t see any end to this. Two people that are friends and like each other cannot come to terms over the details pertaining to a particular position. How can we even think there’s a modicum of civility left between completely opposing views? If one side capitulates, they hold that inside them and at the very first opportunity, they’ll attempt everything within their power to rise up and “make things right.” This has been proven time and time again and we must realize these penned up feelings all too often blow up in massive spectacle on down the line.