My Take on the Obama Scandals

First, none surprised me. Nothing. I’ve read almost everything there is to read on the subject, barring the shrill cry from the whacked-out fringe elements from all four points of the political spectrum.

Second, I believe all to be true and I also believe there’s more to come. Most of what we’ve heard so far is but a tip of the iceberg.

obama_arroganceMore to the point, why is it that the Obama Administration thought going into all of this, that they could get away with it?

That question is a lot more simple than some would have you think. They believed they could/can/will get by with “it” because they’re smarter than everyone else. It’s really that simple. It boils down to sheer arrogance.

Benghazi, IRS, The Justice Dept. AP wiretapping… none of this is surprising. Now, the NSA data mining, again, not surprising in the least. Of course, I’ve lamented on several occasions in the past on other “blogs” (before there was such as thing as a “blog) concerning Echelon (yes, I was a crypto-tech and worked for the NSA and no, I did not learn anything about Echelon through official channels) which was designed specifically to do things such as this “new” NSA data mining stuff.

So, no, I wasn’t surprised in the least.

It’s all very evident, when you look at things the way I have. This is all things we’ve warned folks about and it’s things the masses have dismissed as the irrational thoughts of conspiracy nuts.

Guess what? The masses were wrong. It’s hitting them in the face. Some don’t give a damn (most?), others are up in arms. Good for them. It’s time more people got their feathers ruffled. My feathers have been akin to a raped chicken for many years, glad to have a few more on board.

I’ve been quiet these last few months because honestly, I have pretty much determined there’s nothing that can be done or will be done regarding these massive efforts to subvert our liberties. I whole-heartedly believe we are on a downward spiral and there’s no pulling of out of this negative-G flat-spin. We’ll simply wait and hopefully pick up the pieces and start anew when this hogwash is over with.