Pennsylvanians ask feds to help disarm intimidating small-town militia

Chief Kessler, Screenshot from his YouTube video

“I have been organizing for four decades. I have faced Klansmen in Kentucky, Ustase in Bosnia and police indiscriminately beating demonstrators in Italy. [Wednesday] night in Gilberton [Pa.] was more frightening than any of those situations,” Michael Morril of Keystone Progress told Huffington Post.

This is what happens when you piss off the salt of the Earth, when you piss off the type of people that made this country what it is; the type of people that have won your wars, saved European asses and kicked the guts loose from just about every dictator on Earth. Not political ideology, I am speaking of the non-comms in the field that actually do the bidding of the political masters. This very well may have been the first few steps in the beginning of a new era in America. This is why the big-government lackies want to take away your weapons, they fear the people; they fear what the people will do when they rise up against their government masters and take this country back, for the people, by the people.

We are a democratic REPUBLIC. We are not a totalitarian state, we are not under the thumb of a true dictator, yet.

With the blood of tyrants shall the tree of liberty be fertilized.

Molon Labe.