no-shave-november-2011-sToday, 16 March 2012 is the 261st birthday of James Madison, the Father of the United States Constitution.

Hello, and welcome to the tiny bit of cyber real estate of the American Tea Blogger, John Holstein.

I am but a mere infinitesimal speck of irritation to the socialist and liberal masses. A “constitutional conservative” on a grass-roots scale. I do not follow the “tea party”, the libertarian party, the dems or the repubs. I am my own man. I read everything I can get my eyes adjusted to, listen to a lot, watch minimal main stream t.v. and I promote the blessings of liberty to anyone that will listen.

I vote the way my conscience leads me. I do not think along any party lines. I analyze the issues, research the candidates and vote based on their history first and what comes out of their mouths second. I do not believe the character of man can dramatically change. I believe if you were once a good person, that good person will remain inside of you, perhaps dormant, but available to come out, even with great misdeeds in one’s lifetime. On the contrary, I believe that if you were an evil person, the chances by which that evil can make its reappearance are great, even if you’ve successfully masked that appearance for decades.

The true test of one’s worth can be determined by how he or she treats fellow humans, above and below board. To turn the other cheek and to take punishment when it isn’t deserved is no more of a method of enlightenment than to stand in front of a train, praying that it will stop. Pacifism only works when the other side is willing to negotiate based on a fair and balanced treatment of others. I have no pacifistic bones in my body.

A person’s worth is not determined by the toys in which they may collect, but by the souls in which they touch, in a positive way. Toys, bobbles and trinkets are but distractions to keep us occupied, either by design or happenstance, to either keep us away from issues or to sooth our minds for relaxation.

I appreciate independent thought and a good lively debate. What I don’t appreciate is a talking-point shill for either political party, I don’t appreciate facts being skewed or completely left out of discussions. I don’t appreciate the main stream media shills promoting only their particular side of a discussion. Moreover, ignoring evidence or completely under-mining the constitution to further a political agenda is tantamount to treason and should be prosecuted as such. No one is above the law. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE. If you’re a traitor and you’re molesting the United States Constitution, you should be tried for treason, regardless of your status.

With all of that being said, I guess you can assume, this blog isn’t going to be very light hearted. If you had any doubts about the seriousness of what I am capable of illustrating, you will soon be well informed.

John Holstein

“…The class of citizens who provide at once their own food and their own raiment, may be viewed as the most truly independent and happy.” — James Madison