The Divisiveness in America is Overwhelming the Average Joe

Real-riot-pic_682_1161523a1The average, everyday American Citizen cannot be expected to understand exactly what’s going on in America these days. They’re inundated with slants from the left and the right and especially, the “make it up as we go along” mentality of the left in general. The right sticks to historical facts and evidence that’s as plain as the nose on your face.The far-right is attempting to live in a period of time long passed. The far-right is unwilling to accept that a fair amount of change is eventual and good for the growth of the government. That being said, the left is attempting to make “change” more quickly than what’s healthy for the growth of the country. Change cannot occur overnight and the leftist mentality, without the ability to understand the history of the World (that doesn’t mean they’re chronically inept in historical fact, it means what it says, to understand is a lot different than to have studied and/or recite the historical chronology of the world) attempts to make these changes before the general populace is ready.

When faced with these historical facts brought forth by the right, the left responds as a usenet troll from the 1990’s:¬† They will spout their diatribe without a basis in fact, they’ll ignore any replies or cross-examination by those unwilling to take their arguments at face value while continuing to spout their slant, without looking for real evidence. They’ll make up statistics as they go along, attempt to use references from other non-fact-based opinion pieces and take excerpts from out-of-context conversations and attempt to use these as “evidence”. Using their “emotions” and “feelings” and “for the children” mentalities, these socialists will do anything in their power to attempt to sway the American public toward their belief. They’ll lie, cheat, steal, plagiarize, skew data, fabricate information, anything within their power or finances, legal or not, to sway the majority opinion toward their cause(s).

On the far-right, conservatism and religious (Judeo-Christian) zealousness has permeated the fabric of their culture to such an extent, no other political or religious belief is allowed to come into their thoughts, anything |less| is heretical and/or detrimental to the well-being of society.

Change ALWAYS happens. Whether you choose to accept change or not, it will occur. How much change is the key to how society reacts. What we’re seeing in the World today is a two-fold problem: 1) Change has not occurred fast enough for the average person and 2) Change occurred entirely too fast for the average person. What we’re seeing, in my humble, average and lay-person’s opinion is the culmination of two factions of “average” peoples coming to a head, because of their unwillingness to see the other side of the coin, their inability to be a little open-minded and allow either 1) history to teach them something outside the boundaries of “knowing the information, but unable to comprehend it’s meaning” and 2) understanding that the progress humans have made, both technologically and emotionally, have changed the human spirit to the point of no return.

They’ll be no more days of the 1950’s. That’s what I tell myself when I see the day-to-day interaction of people, technology, politics, religion, etc. In the 1950’s, the World was much more simple. You had two super-powers that controlled the World. Good v. Evil (you choose which is which), Ying v. Yang, both struggling for that top-spot in just about everything. In America (and most of the world), the man went out and worked while the wife stayed home and took care of the family. In America, the federal government didn’t c0ntrol 90% of what they control now. If you felt you needed that control and you felt the government should be taking care of other aspects of your life because you were incapable of making those decisions for yourself, you leaned toward the communist party and in some instances, you left America for the U.S.S.R.

While the people in the U.S.S.R. were striving for more freedom, the hippies in the United States were striving for a utopian society where the money was divided equally and if you were an “artist”, you should be paid the same as a doctor, no matter if your “art” was crap or not. People were fleeing dictatorial, totalitarian, communist and socialist countries for America. A small sect of Americans were attempting to create the same here.

Eventually, the communist state of the U.S.S.R. was defeated and free-markets and democracy overtook the Polit Bureau, the Kremlin, the Stasi, ___insert_bad_guys_here____. Over time, the hippies of the 60’s had children, grew up, got jobs and indoctrinated their children into their previous lifestyle, now hidden from society but still growing. Subversion was a hidden agenda, perhaps an unknown hidden agenda. They wanted to change the world and they knew that the failed protests of the 60s would not get it done, they would need to make those changes from within.

Now, it’s coming to a head. Those children are sitting in seats of power and they’re attempting to make those changes in a manner consistent with what I said earlier, like a troll, without evidence and without the time necessary for everyone to evaluate the changes and what’s needed for the good of the country. The Elitists on the Left are attempting to make sure they get what they want and stand by the phrase “for the good of the Country” without attempting to acknowledge that the majority “of the country” doesn’t want their “changes” and quite happy with the way things are. This in itself is an attempt to dictatorialize America from within (or from without, considering George Soros is funding most of this and he’s Hungarian).

The combination of Elitist Liberals and the socialist leftists are skewing the most important label for these people: Authoritarian Dictators, such as Stalin. Their socialist leanings are toward the left, however, these people are by no means Libertarians. They’ll first look to create chaos and anarchism, then they’ll step in and “control the people for their own good”. They see this as the only means to continue their “change” and get the entire world to conform to what they think is best for the entire population of the world.

The one thing that’s a force multiplier in this contest, there’s two factions at work for world domination. The second force isn’t conservatives. Conservatives are quite content with having their own little niche in the world and minding their own business, the second player in this world-domination scheme are the Muslims. By their own Koran, they are bound to attempt to place themselves in the position of controlling all of the world, whether peaceably or not, through Shariah law or not, their ultimate goal is to make the Earth of one religion. Of this there is no doubt and to think otherwise is simply naivete working it’s magic on the ignorant. While the liberal-left make a mockery of Judeo-Christian religions in America, they’re perfectly willing to be “tolerant” and accept the right of other religions to practice their beliefs on America’s soil, even if it comes with an occasional beating of a Muslim woman for “allowing herself to be raped” by another man.

I look back through my short 41 years of my life and remember the stories of the “Cuban Missile Crisis” and how some Americans thought the “end is near”. I remember the cold war rather vividly. I remember the gas shortage in the 1970’s (which in turn was a hoax). I remember some of the 70’s protests against the Vietnam war and the complete and total ignorance of these protesters in how they treated our returning Veterans (remember, it was a compulsory assignment by the draft that had our boys over there and we were always taught that our government was _always_right_ and to do what they say). Never mind the veteran wasn’t at fault for failed political measures. Remember, war is the end result of failed diplomacy. However, none of these memories, nothing that I have read and studied concerning the history of America comes anywhere close to the problem(s) we are currently facing.

We’ve come to a point in the World where neither side is willing to adjust the slightest bit away from their stance on a particular issue. When this occurs, only negative things can happen. It’s only a matter of time, it may be within the next year, however, soon, not only will America’s States be divided on many of these issues, siding with and/or against the Feds on issues, but the World itself will be thrown into yet another World War. This time, democracy, the American way of life and Judeo-Christian teachings may not be as victorious as in the past.

I am not being a defeatist. I am being a realist. Is there enough backbone in our old-ways to hold the line and keep the opposition from overwhelming our numbers? Only time will tell. The one thing that is for sure in all this, nothing is for certain.


“…A well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained in arms, is the best most natural defense of a free country.” — James Madison