The “Radical” Muslim Problem

muhammedOver the years, through my experiences, especially in the military, I was taught a valuable lesson. It’s rather simple: If one person out of your group or for that matter, several people out of your group was causing trouble, the best course of action to take (because the authorities can’t always see what’s going on) is for the group to intervene and straighten this person or persons out. Most people I know can wrap their heads around the term “blanket party” and in most cases, blanket parties tend to get the point across to the person causing trouble. While this is not politically correct in this day and age, the principle holds true: Screw up and we’ll straighten your ass out.

Unless pressure is placed upon “moderate” Muslims, this radical element among their religion will never cease to exist. Bowing down to bullies isn’t the answer. Standing up to bullies is the answer. Sure, you’ll get a bloody nose, but if enough people were to confront these bullies head-on, they will be suppressed.

America isn’t cowardly, even if there’s a bunch of cowardly left-wing bleeding hearts among us. We will meet the enemy on the chosen field of battle, any field of battle, and fight for our liberty. The problem is, with terrorism, there isn’t a battlefield per-se. The “battlefield” is our own backyards. Our schools, our day care centers, our parking lots, our shopping malls and our Churches.

While the left goes about putting blame on anything other than what it really is, such as guns, right-wing-extremists, or anything else they can think of other than radical Islam, those with the ability to analyze and reason can easily see the forest for the trees. It boils down to the mental stability of those involved. Killing, in the name of a religion in order to cleanse the populace is a psychiatric problem, it’s not a religious problem. Those with the desire to commit genocide over their religious “faith”, regardless of what faith it may be, are psychotic.

There are a minority of mass killings that happen in the world today based on non-religious psychopaths, those too can be attributed to a mental disorder. These folks are even more difficult to weed out as they’re the often cliched “lone gunman” type person that keep to themselves and often, none of their plans are known before the fact. However, with the radicalization of Muslim extremists, moderate Muslims are in a position, have the experience and generally know the culture of their neighbors to know when something is up, can identify a threat and have within their power, the opportunity to do something about it. As the government likes to use the phrase “..see something, say something.”, so too can the community surrounding these terrorists do the same.

The bottom line is, the more this occurs, the wider the brush becomes that paints Islam in a bad light.

Some say that it isn’t “extremists” within the Muslim community that is to blame for this because “all of Islam” is based on the hateful words of their prophet, that the Koran is full of words used as justification for killing non-believers. This may in fact be true, however, if it isn’t true, I feel that it is the duty of the moderate within their ranks to step up to the plate and do something about the radical side of their religion. It’s time for the moderates to make a stand and tell these bullies that their “religion of peace” isn’t going to allow a militant faction the ability to paint the rest of their followers with the broad brush. If it is true and the “moderates” really don’t exist except as a ruse to pull the wool over the eyes of the “non believers”, then not taking these steps to curb the bullies is a perfect way to enlighten the masses that Islam really is radical and there’s no middle ground for infidels to exist.

Killing, unless in the course of defending lives, is wrong and never justified. The human life is the most precious gift there is, from whatever God you choose to believe in or if you don’t believe in God, from whatever amalgamation from the depths of chaos your science chooses to believe in. If your “god” teaches you that there’s no room on this earth for anyone other than those of your faith, then the American redneck in me tells you to “bring it”. See, the thing is, you won’t “bring it” in a conventional manner. You will slip through the shadows, hide, conspire and eventually strike in a manner befitting the most cowardly. You will make war upon the unarmed, up until you are confronted, where you will then get your ever loving guts kicked out. What happens then? One falls, ten more take it’s place. How does that occur if there isn’t plenty of reinforcements already in place to step up and take over the reigns from <insert whatever faction> that has fallen?

The parts of the Koran that are extracted to justify to these cowards the mass killing of non believers was written in a manner that is perfect for the type of war that is being conducted. Kill non believers, if you do so, you will go to Paradise and spend eternity with a harem of beautiful women, which were sexually reserved just for you. Reward based war, fought by extremists hell bent on exterminating anyone that doesn’t believe the way they do.

At what point in the future, if these extremists win, will they turn on the moderates? It’s inevitable you know. If you remove all “non believers”, the next logical move is to either radicalize the moderates or eliminate them, because, do they not believe in a different manner than the extremists? The proof is in the pudding. Some of this is already happening between the Sunni and Shiite. Soon, it will be the extremists vs. the moderates within their own faction.

It’s time the moderate Islamist organize and tell these extremists it’s time to stop with the bullshit or be annihilated. Diplomacy doesn’t work as they only understand one thing: Kill all non believers. Death to the west. Death to America.