Thought Process – Part 1: Dues…..

baby-cryingSee that little guy to the left? That’s how people see you when you’re whining about something that you have control over. If you don’t take responsibility for your own actions, YOU and YOU ALONE are TO BLAME for your own actions.

I’ve paid my dues to society. I’ve been poor, but never rich. I’ve struggled like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve went months without work, but I survived. I didn’t take a single dime from the Government programs, even though I paid into the programs. I didn’t accept “Unemployment”, because I could mow grass, cut weeds or do other odd-jobs to get me by.

Over the years, I have learned a great deal of life lessons. Along the road, I’ve spent a lot of time studying various topics of interest. I have learned from failings. I have learned from my own successes. I have watched others fail and succeed. In other words, I have not only learned from my own mistakes, but from the mistakes of others.

My one true attribute that I place a lot of emphasis on, for getting me through many rough times, I have exceptional cognitive and analytical learning abilities. The formal training I received was all about technology and little about general studies. What I know about life in general, I have witnessed or was self-taught. My writing abilities, up until 1998 or so, were atrocious. Grammar was never my strong suit. As for now, it’s passable, but it’s by no-means perfect. I found that I once excelled in math and science has been and shall be my “go to” subject matter, not the language arts.

I don’t like many people. Most people are only out for themselves and have no regard for others. Most of the folks I do associate with on an on-going basis are community involved and most are without a personal agenda in relation to their volunteer work. Those that have a personal agenda are shunned by myself. I have never been one to seek accolades, but like a lot of others, I don’t mind if they’re given. I would personally rather have 3 or 4 true friends than a plethora of back stabbing opportunists.

Why am I saying all of this? An argument. I recently got into an argument with an Obama supporter from WV. (Yes, I guess there are a couple of THOSE people left among us). This person very pointedly stated “….you know why people don’t like you?”. Well, as a matter of fact, I do. It’s because I DON’T WANT THEM TO LIKE ME. It’s something I strive for. If you’re an opportunist, if you’re self-centered and egotistical, if you have no empathy for your fellow man, if you would rather kick a dog as to have it hang around your house, if you are looking to be in the lime light for being human, if you expect to receive something for your volunteer work, if you say you’re going to do something and then drop the ball, if you are lazy and on welfare (as opposed to not being lazy but falling on hard times) or you’re a 2nd generation welfare recipient, you’re of normal mental abilities yet you’re as dumb as dirt because you’re too lazy and won’t take the time to educate yourself, if you only watch mainstream news and expect these talking heads to have truthful and accurate information, if you’re a low information voter or someone that votes on emotion rather than logic and reason, if you’re expecting something for nothing, if you believe in abortion as a method of normal birth control; if you’re an elitist, if you believe you have a birth-right to ANYTHING, if you look down your nose at someone attempting to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, if you’re too good to help, if you’re opposed to the poorest members of our culture having the abilities to work themselves up to the highest positions of this nation, if you’re all about being “politically correct” and you don’t want to offend someone, if you’re too pussified to stand up for what is right, then you are the exact kind of person that I don’t want to “like me”.

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone wants to be “loved” or have the admiration of everyone else. I don’t want the people above to like me. I don’t want their respect. I don’t give a rat’s ass what any of them think, because to me, they’re not productive members of society. They’re mere parasites on every facet of the American Way of Life. THOSE people are the exact reason this country is in the shape we’re in. They’re all looking for some type of hand out, most are so stupid, they don’t even know it. I cannot, for the life of me, even with my cognitive and analytical abilities, come to terms with the thought that there are people in this world that support the lazy. Why the hell do you want to support someone that won’t support themselves? Most reply back, “….it’s not about the parents, it’s for the children.” Well, the best thing that can happen to these children that are living in 2nd, 3rd and coming into 4th generation “Welfare” households would be to take them from the parents when they’re infants and put them into homes of people that are not parasites on society, productive members of society that earn a living or put these children into orphanages. Don’t allow yet another generation of children to grow up and become dependent on the system. As for “It’s for the children”, the money these parents get for their kids doesn’t go to the kids. The parents are using the money, EBT cards, charitable contributions, hand-outs and whatever else they get to generate money and buy drugs, alcohol and otherwise support the parent’s habits. Sure, there’s some exceptions to this, but for the most part, every welfare household is guilty of this to some degree, whether they choose to accept/believe it or not. And yes, I am an asshole because I point this out. So be it. I have no problem with welfare for someone down on their luck. I do however take issue with it being a way of life and a multi-generational method of funding these families.

Some people have attempted to place a finger on what my “end game” is. I can clear this up for your in just a few words: I have no “end game”. I am not trying to do anything for myself. I simply want this country to live by the Constitution and return to the glory it once held.