What Luxury Would You Hate To Lose?

lead_largeWhat is the single luxury, out of all luxuries that you have, that you would hate to lose in the event of a major catastrophe that would end the world as we know it?

Let’s say there’s a major cataclysm and the electrical grid is permanently shut-down, well, at least for our lifetimes. That would pretty much take us back to the 1800’s, with a few exceptions, after a few months of available fuel sources running out. Once that happens, there’s no more fuel, there’s no more batteries (they do wear out, so solar power would eventually be few and far between). You are left in an 1800’s world where everything is animal, water or steam powered. What luxury would you miss the most?

Your music collection?

The ability to hop in a car and drive to the local market?

Instant messaging/texting?

Me? Even though I am a technologist, I think the single most important luxury that I would lose is the ability to actually go to new places and see things I’ve never seen before, things that I already know exist, such as Mount Rushmore or The Grand Tetons. I really like to go to new sites around the country and see things first-hand, rather than what I can see in pictures or video. I know it would be nearly impossible for me to make the trip to see the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone or Yosemite after such disaster struck, which would end my dream to be able to do such things in the future.

Why do I ask this question? Because I think it very well may be, the one thing that pops out in your mind as the most important luxury to you, may be that one thing that you should be doing right now, rather that spending your time reading the ramblings of someone else.